Earth Friendly

For those seeking ethical clothing that upholds high-quality standards. Choose Kind is the perfect choice.


Handspun Handwoven Khadi Denim

Khadi denim presents a sustainable alternative to traditional denim. This unique fabric is created through the conscious handspun process of khadi, where natural organic cotton fibres are carefully spun into yarns and then woven by hand on traditional handlooms. The remarkable aspect of this method is that it is entirely manual, making it incredibly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Hand-dyed Cotton

The cotton fibres are delicately hand-dyed in a charged bath, then triple-washed and air-dried in the gentle shade. To further enhance its properties, it is carefully weaved so that the healing properties of the medicinal herbs get bound in the fabric.

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Organic  &   Recycled   Packaging

Our packaging reflects our dedication to the environment, as we use interesting recycled papers and responsibly made boxes.