- an excerpt from the movie Wonder

“ When given the choice between being right or being kind . . .

Word from founders

Richa & Ratnesh

We started our journey as a studio for design services in 2005 under the name "Flamingo Designs". Later in 2011, we shaped into a full fledged production unit.

The main focus was on the quality, design, performance and precision as the core values of our products.

As we love our products so much that it is our priority to understand the buyer's perspective and then deliver the product.Located in Noida, near New Delhi border, we make our products with artisanal techniques in innovative interpretations.

Currently the manufacturing facility produces 2000-2500 pairs of footwear everyday which are sold in India, Japan, Spain, Australia, UK, GCC and US.

With a team of 200 people, the company understand its social and safety responsibility. The facility is certified under Sedex pillar-4 audit and ISO.